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Level Up Your Game Day Party

January 30, 2019
Focused watching football game at home

Living in student apartments doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things.

College students are in it for the story. That’s why we can’t have nice things. We’re about making crazy memories that will last well into old age. We’re about making the most of things. Even the most boring, inane activities can become legendary with a simple decision. Winter break in Tijuana, anyone? This year, level up your game day party from standard to stunning with these clever ideas. Turn your student apartments into an Olympic stadium and become an instant chef!

Commercial Bingo

Even hardcore football fans can admit that one of the highlights of game day is the outrageous commercials. With each 30-second spot costing $5 million, companies are out to make an impression! Make these funny interludes even more entertaining with a game of commercial bingo. Design your five-by-five boards using people, places, and things you expect to see this year. Our commercial bingo predictions include a Black Mirror reference, a Peyton Manning appearance, and at least one actor doing a Fortnite dance. Yes, we too are pushing down our existential fear about the future of the human race. Moving on…

The Great Halftime Games 

This year’s halftime headliners include Big Boi and Travis Scott, good rappers worth seeing. But if the idea of sitting through another live performance by the musical equivalent of a Little Debbie cake (a.k.a. Maroon 5) doesn’t appeal, you can spend your halftime competing in the Great Halftime Games instead! Create physical challenges like mini-basketball free throws and pushup competitions. Or, play some classic games like corn hole, hot-potato, and monkey in the middle for some nostalgic fun. Divide into teams and bet on the outcome to add some big game level intensity.

Microwave Cuisine

You would be shocked by what you can cook in a microwave! Shocked! Well, not that shocked. You are a college student after all. But there are some majorly delicious microwave-friendly recipes out there. No longer will your game day menu consist solely of taquitos and Natty Bo. Mix cooked macaroni, milk, and shredded cheese and microwave for a single serve mac. Cooked chicken or beef with spiced seasoning and crumbled white cheese can make enough quesadillas for all! And of course, the loaded baked potato. Poke holes in a whole, uncooked potato with a fork and cover in oil and salt. Microwave until tender. Microwave bacon until crispy for a delicious topping. Add sour cream and sprinkle on chopped chives. Promise yourself you won’t eat the whole thing in five minutes. Eat the whole thing in four minutes. Sweet; new record.

Our student apartments give you the space you need to throw epic parties like these. Tour one today.