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Lesser Known, Must-See DC Scenes

September 16, 2016

Washington, DC, is filled with many beautiful sites to visit, all available to the residents of ROSS’ affordable apartments at no cost.

However, lesser known to many, this beauty extends beyond the rich history and artifacts that the Smithsonian museums and National Mall offer. This beauty pulses through the veins of the city, blossoming in unexpected areas, majorly made possible by an amazing organization known as MuralsDC.

“MuralsDC was created in 2007 to replace illegal graffiti with artistic works, to revitalize sites within communities in the District of Columbia, and to teach young people the art of aerosol painting.  This initiative aims to positively engage the District’s youth by teaching proper professional art techniques, providing supplies, and a legal means to practice and perform their artistic skill in a way that promotes respect for public and private property and community awareness.

“The three platforms on which the MuralsDC project is based are: Illegal Graffiti Abatement, Youth Outreach [and] Community Revitalization. There are more than 50 MuralsDC projects across the District. Each mural tells a unique story of DC’s diverse neighborhoods while deterring further illegal graffiti.”

This fall, we encourage the residents of ROSS’ affordable apartments in metro DC to carve out some time and go on a beautiful adventure with the kids to explore the city’s unique stories.

Continue your adventures by exploring a community that artistically blends the beauty of abundant amenities, desirable features and an ideal location to make it a portrait of perfection. Take a tour of ROSS’ affordable apartments today.