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A Labor-Free and Cost-Free Day Downtown

August 28, 2017

The residents of ROSS’ affordable apartments can spend their Labor Day holiday exploring all of the fun and free museums in nearby DC.

Labor Day is the holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer as the weather begins to cool down and fall prepares to make its appearance. Students are back in school and business resumes its regular pace, as all of the vacations die down. That means Labor Day is the day to truly take advantage of the last of summer while you still can.

While the residents of ROSS’ affordable apartments could use the long weekend to travel somewhere, they could also save themselves the money and the hassle by spending the holiday day visiting some free museums in nearby Washington, DC!

Here are some of the museums you can take advantage of on your day off for no cost:


National Gallery of Art

“Washington’s National Gallery may not be as world-famous as Paris’s Louvre Museum or Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, but America’s premier art gallery is certainly equal in their caliber. With perhaps one of the nation’s best European art collections, National Gallery of Art is a must-see for any art fan!” – Jay Y.


U.S. Botanic Gardens

“Cute place to visit if you’re in DC! It’s a giant greenhouse with plants from different regions of the United States. There are plenty of benches around – a nice place to rest and enjoy the gardens!” – Angel H.


National Air and Space Museum

“Be prepared to spend the day here…well, really, you could spend two days. The Smithsonian is an amazing organization that really does a top-notch job of cataloging and preserving history. This place does an amazing job of making history interesting and fun…truly something for all ages here.” – John R.


National Museum of Natural History

“The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History is one of the most well-known and recognizable museums in the world (thank you, Ben Stiller!) and rightly so. This place is amazing! They have everything you can imagine. From dinosaur fossils to the biggest diamond in the world! I love it. It is one of the best museums I’ve been to. And I have been to many. That is one thing I always do when visiting a new place. Visit the zoo if there is one and the museums. You can spend a whole day in here and still not see absolutely everything.” – Tairyn A.


There’s no better city to live near than DC when you’re looking for fun and free cultural entertainment! After you’ve enjoyed you day in downtown DC, head to apartments that offer an enjoyable living experience at a low cost all year-round. Stop by one of ROSS’ affordable apartments for a tour today!