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Keep the Post-Holiday Blues Away with These Winter Crafts

January 3, 2019
Making of snowflakes from paper. A traditional winter arts and crafts project

Your Laurel apartment is about to become a lot more festive.

The post-holiday blues are all too common. When all the presents are opened and neighbors start taking down their lights, it’s hard to keep in good spirits. But these crafts can provide holiday cheer well into January. Set up a craft station in your Laurel apartment and spend some quality time with your friends and family making beautiful things.

Paper Polar Bear Masks

You’ll need a few common household items for this project, including school glue, scissors, and a glue gun. In addition, you’ll want the following items in white: tissue paper, paper plates, cardstock, and paper cups. One clever parent suggested using emptied fruit cup containers painted white as an upcycling alternative. Last, you’ll need a black marker and a black pompom. Cut eyeholes in the paper plate and cover in tissue paper to make our bear base. Then glue on the paper cup muzzle and the pompom nose and you’re done!

“Frosted” Pinecones

This glittery craft might find itself in a coffee table bowl, hanging from an evergreen tree, or carefully placed in a mantel display. You’ll need PVA glue mixed with white acrylic paint for the “snow” covering the pinecones’ tips. Then, while it’s still wet, you’ll roll each pinecone in silver glitter (or gold, if that’s your taste). Let dry and you’ve got a perfect winter home accessory! Bonus points for collecting wild pinecones outside.

Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies

Any classic sugar cookie recipe and some royal icing will work perfectly for this craft. Decorate each round sugar cookie with a “puddle” of snowman using white icing. While it’s still wet, place a single marshmallow on the cookie for the head. Once dry, you can use colored royal icing to give the snowman a face (one with a deeply concerned look if you’re going for humor), arms, and any accessory that seems fun to you. Other crafters have added hats, scarves, and buttons.

Hand-Cut Snowflakes

Snowflakes, it seems, are now a tradition reserved for small children. Their snowy creations will go up on the fridge, proudly displayed for weeks to come. But what about us? A beautifully cut snowflake can make the perfect window decoration for the winter season. Hung from the ceiling, they can create a magical atmosphere for a holiday party. Follow the folding and cutting guide for a snowflake you’re particularly fond of, or look up the basics online and design your own creation!

Knit or Crochet Scarves

There’s an age-old argument between knitters and crochet enthusiasts. Which is easier for beginners? Which has the most intricate patterns available to experts? Whichever side of the line you fall on, it’s clear that both knitting and crocheting can produce exquisite gifts. Whether you’re a total novice or you could knit in your sleep, you can’t go wrong with a warm winter scarf. Choose a pattern to match your skill level and get started.

Fill your Laurel apartment with the spirit of the season this winter using these cheery crafts. Better yet, make yourself at home in a ROSS apartment and stay in good cheer all year long. Take a tour today to see why our residents love living with us.