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Keep Cool College Park

August 27, 2018
Young Happy Woman Sitting On Couch Operating Air Conditioner With Remote Control At Home

Your apartment in College Park can work for everyone this summer

We all have this friend: “I’m so hot! Can we turn on the fan?” Meanwhile, your home already feels like Siberia. Or, maybe you’re this person, and your shivering friends are begging you to turn down the AC. Summer can be filled with questions like these when you have a roommate or two. But it doesn’t have to be. With ROSS’ help, you can find the solution. Make yourself supremely comfortable with these amenities…

“We can’t keep the house at 68 degrees; it’ll be so expensive!”

This gem will never come out of you or your roommate’s mouth again. Seven Springs apartments in College Park have individual climate control, which is great for finding the perfect temperature. But, even better, all utilities at Seven Springs are included! So, forget utility bill quarrels and enjoy your satisfyingly chilly apartment.

“I just want to cool off at the end of the day…”

Lucky for you, Charlestowne North has a sparkling blue swimming pool. Step into your swimsuit and take the plunge! In addition, a balcony or patio accompanies every single apartment. Set out a chair or hang up a hammock, stretch out under the shade and enjoy the evening breeze.

“Let’s not go bar-hopping tonight. I don’t even want to go outside.”

Even in short shorts and a tank top, some summer nights are just too hot. Don’t feel you have to face that muggy, sweat-dripping weather. Instead, make yourself at home in Seven Springs’ Island Club Party Room and on-site beauty salon, or the comfortable clubhouse at Charlestowne North.

Each of ROSS’ apartments in College Park offers a cool oasis from the summer heat. Unwind in your air-conditioned bedroom or, make use of your entertaining space and give your friends a taste of the cool life. Whatever your pleasure, come and see how you can make it happen, by taking a tour today.