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Keep Calm and Bike On

October 1, 2015

This Sunday, October 4, starting at 8:00 a.m., Magruder Park will transform into a high-speed raceway, as cyclists from all over the area gather to compete in a cross-country bike race.

The City of Hyattsville Department of Community Services, Arrow Bicycle and Route 1 Velo present Race #1 of the 2015 Super 8 Series, locally known as the Hyattsville Cyclocross.

In order to get the best performances from our participants and to guarantee that the residents of ROSS’ Hyattsville apartments are ready for the big event, we’ve compiled a short “to-do” list of race-day requirements:

  1. Make sure you get a normal night of sound sleep. For some, this may be the full eight hours. For others, who have crazy schedules, a full night of sleep may have been whittled down to just six hours. Either way, racers need to make sure that they’re well-rested—but not over-rested.
  2. Start race day with the best breakfast for your ride. This ensures that every competitor’s energy reserve is full and they’re ready to perform.
  3. Pack your race essentials the night before. Remembering your helmet, water bottle and tire pump may seem like a no-brainer, but when you wake up focused on your race, these smaller items can be easily forgotten.
  4. Keep your spirits high! Staying motivated and positive goes much further then some realize.

Like any other major sporting event, this race day has something to offer everyone.

For the Fans – Food vendors will be selling scrumptious game day snacks.
For the Kids – In addition to enjoying the moon bounce and playgrounds at Magruder Park, they’ll have the chance to compete in the “Lil’ Belgians” Kids’ Races!

The most incredible part of the entire day (aside from the amazing performances from the residents of ROSS’ apartments in Hyattsville), is that proceeds from the race are going to benefit Special Olympics Maryland – Prince George’s County!

Be sure to register now! No matter which category you’re entering in the competition, it’s time for all good speedsters to hit the road and be ready to bring home the gold this Sunday! Complete that great day by heading home to a community that’s worthy of being called “home” by a gold medalist: ROSS’ apartments in Hyattsville, MD.