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It’s All Smooth Sailing at ROSS’ Laurel Apartments

March 17, 2017

Going out of town, for any reason, is exciting – but there’s always a small level of stress that accompanies the beginning of any trip or vacation. The few days before the actual departure date, you find yourself in an overwhelming state of rush as you make sure your entire to-do list is checked off before you leave town.

For pet owners, finding a trustworthy and reliable pet-sitter continuously proves to be the hardest item on the to-do list to check off. Luckily for residents of ROSS’ pet-friendly apartments for rent in Laurel, MD, this pre-trip stress is easily alleviated.

Here are some options to finding the perfect pet-sitter near you, which will certainly make future trip preparations much smoother:

Prance Around LLC

  1. Who – Prance Around has all of their team members’ pictures and biographies available on their website to assure that you feel totally comfortable, knowing that you’re leaving your special friend in trustworthy hands.
  2. What – As a family-owned pet-service organization, Prance Around goes above and beyond typical dog-walking services by completely customizing your experience to guarantee that your pet’s individual needs are met. They offer everything: dog-walking, pet-sitting, yard-waste clean-up, pet medication administration, pet transportation and so much more.
  3. Where – 13408 Kiama Court, Laurel, MD 20708

Or here is an online source that allows you to find flexible, independent dog-sitters in Laurel:, Laurel Dog Sitters

  1. Who – The best part about this site is that there’s a variety of people, backgrounds and price ranges, so you can select the perfect person – at a comfortable price point – who’s near your ROSS apartment in Laurel, Maryland.
  2. What – is a super-convenient search engine that provides a list of the responsible, independent dog-sitters in Laurel. Whether you’re in need of a dog-sitter for a few hours while you enjoy a romantic dinner or you need one for a couple nights while you’re on an out-of-town business trip, you can find the perfect match for both your pooch and your wallet by browsing through the profiles on
  3. Where – Laurel, MD

Take a tour of ROSS’ Laurel, MD, apartments for rent and discover a place that provides residents with a top-of-the-line pet-owning experience.