ROSS Companies Hyattsville Wins the Triple Crown
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Hyattsville Wins the Triple Crown

April 28, 2017

We have hit that point during spring where we are in the peak of horse racing season. Many of us are familiar with the most prestigious and publicized Triple Crown, comprised of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes; however, there is a specific, more important Triple Crown that ROSS’ apartments in Hyattsville, MD, win year after year, and that crown is titled, The Perfect Pet-Friendly Apartments.

Here is a summary of this year’s thrilling sweep of the Triple Crown for ROSS’ Hyattsville apartments:

Outstanding Apartment Communities

It is hard to rise above the apartment community playing field, but with ROSS’ exceptional Hyattsville apartment communities, they were the safe – and ultimately correct – bet for this first leg. The announcer could not have predicted a more picture perfect race; they started off strong out of the gates, with their location: the ideal urban retreat, near four Metro lines, close to both the University of Maryland and Howard University, and across the street from Michigan Park.

ROSS’ Hyattsville apartments held strong through the first turn, then began to pull ahead during the second turn with the strength of their upgraded bathrooms, fully-equipped contemporary kitchens and sparkling swimming pools with spacious sundecks.

As the pack headed down the home stretch, ROSS’ Hyattsville apartments pulled yards ahead, clinching the title with ease, powered by the great deals on their pet-friendly apartments for rent.

The Perfect Dog Parks

After the victorious ending to the first race, ROSS’ Hyattsville apartments excelled in the second round: providing access to the perfect dog park. Even in a stiff field of competition, ROSS’ Hyattsville apartments took the lead with their close proximity to Heurich Park, located at Nicholson Street and Ager Road. With both an exciting playground for the kids and well-maintained, dog-friendly grounds, Heurich Park provides fun for the whole family – including the furry members!

The outstanding moment that ultimately secured years of victories for ROSS’ pet-friendly Hyattsville apartment communities in this race happened in November of 2009, when Heurich Park added a dedicated dog park. This provided all residents of Hyattsville apartments access to 36,000 square feet of room to play; 6,400 square feet of space surrounded by an enclosure fence with double-gated entrances; plenty of bench spaces; easily accessible parking; and bag dispensers with replacements. All of these high-quality attributes are accredited for taking the second jewel in the crown.

Adventurous Walking Trails

Although it may be rare, ROSS’ Hyattsville apartment communities continued its hot streak and smoked the competition in the final leg of the Triple Crown with its quick access to the Anacostia River Trail. This trail provides two-and-half-miles of open spaces and forest along the river’s shoreline, proving to be the perfect place for long walks. The route leads into two offshoots, the Northeast Branch Trail and the Northwest Branch Trail, which gives trail-walkers and their dogs the opportunity to extend their relaxing strolls for as long as they like.

Take the time to explore an award-winning community and tour ROSS’ Hyattsville, Maryland, apartments, to see for yourself why they take home the Triple Crown every year.