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Hyattsville Healthy Living Guidelines

March 20, 2017

It’s time to shine light on an amazing campaign that endorses the City of Hyattsville and helps municipal leaders create healthy, prosperous communities – HEAL City.

HEAL stands for Healthy Eating and Active Living. The campaign “provides free training and technical assistance to municipal leader in Maryland and Virginia’s cities and towns to adopt policies that make it easier for residents to eat better and move more.”

The City of Hyattsville is going to show its commitment to this program through:

  1. Planning city designs that promote physical activities
  2. Active transportation and land use
  3. Increasing access to affordable nutritious foods
  4. Encouraging health and wellness by promoting exercise, education, balance and healthy food choices

When renting a ROSS apartment in Hyattsville, you can also show your commitment to the two directions of the campaign: Healthy Eating and Active Living.

Healthy Living, or eating a well-balanced diet, means that you are consuming the right amount of food from all of the different food groups. Two unique and easily accessible fresh food sources for residents of Hyattsville , where all of the different pieces of your well-balanced diet can be found, are:

  1. Hyattsville Farmers Market – This market has moved to a new, reachable destination at the corner of East-West Highway and Queens Chapel Road. It is open every Tuesday from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. starting on June 2 and ending on September 29.
  2. International Foods – There are many international food markets in Hyattsville – such as New Grand Mart International, Bonivia International Foods and Afrik International Food Market – that sell fresh products that can be used to balance out your diet.

Active Living means you are staying physically active in order to maintain a healthy weight. This doesn’t mean you need to spend three hours on the treadmill every day, because in reality, no one has enough time in the day to do that. It does mean that you should be dedicating some time each day to participating in something active! Two fun and simple ways you can stay active near ROSS’ apartments in Hyattsville are:

  1. Fitness Centers – Select ROSS’ communities provide residents with access to state-of-the-art fitness centers. No matter your ability or strength, the gym is always a great place to escape the outside world and spend time focusing on yourself.
  2. The Parks of HyattsvilleROSS apartments in Hyattsville give you quick access to over 10 parks. Whether it’s a game of tag, a walk with a few friends or a game of fetch with your dog, these parks are a perfect place for you to maintain an active lifestyle because they’re always available for outdoor recreation and fun.

With a wide variety of amenities, ROSS’ Hyattsville communities make it easy to become a contributing member of the HEAL Program.

It’s time you discover a community that has your health at heart and take a tour of Bedford Station Apartments/Victoria Station Apartments and Overlook Apartments.