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How to Master Midterms This Semester

March 22, 2018

You can turn your student apartment into the ideal study space with these tips.

Midterms are coming up. And this time around, you can’t stop thinking about how this one test will make or break your grade. You know the thought is pushing out important details you actually need to remember.

Sine, cosine, tangent relationships? Gone.

The location of the latissimus dorsi? Whoosh.

What was the effect of the Green Corn Rebellion on modern drafting policies in the United States? No one will ever know.

At least, you won’t. But you keep stress-eating cheese balls and reading the same, mind-numbing textbook paragraph for what must be the fifth or sixth time. Your brain is clearly plotting against your success.

But have you ever thought it might be your environment and not your brain that’s making it so hard to study? Your student apartment is filled with distractions. But you can overcome them with these five tips.


  1. Block Out Sounds

Background noise is a top source of distraction for studiers. In a student apartment, where people are constantly coming and going, it’s especially important to create a quiet space where you can study. If shutting the door isn’t enough, we recommend noise-cancelling headphones. Top-rated models by Mpow can be purchased for as little as $35 on Amazon.


  1. Use Clever Strategies

When it comes to studying, knowing what you know is key. It’s called metacognition and people who have it perform significantly better on tests. Metacognition can be used by students as young as nine years old. You got this!

Hierarchy is another useful tool. There are 206 bones in the human body and it would be practically impossible to memorize them all individually. But when you group them into areas, then list them from largest to smallest, it gets a lot easier.

Lastly, taking advantage of “encoding specificity” can enhance learning and test recall. This short video by The Audiopedia will shed some light on this complex topic.


  1. Make Food Your Fuel

What you eat can have a serious effect on how you think. Keep these simple swaps in mind when stocking your student apartment. And go ahead and try out these simple, healthy recipes to fuel your study session.


  1. Sign a Contract

This may sound overly formal but keep an open mind. Odds are, if you’re living in a student apartment, you have roommates. And they can either help or hurt your midterm mission. Turn would-be enablers (who entice you to party the night before the big exam) into champions who will make you ramen and check in every few hours to keep you focused. A contract will help you decide what you will and won’t do during midterm week—and help you stick to it.


  1. Create a schedule

People who study in shorter sessions over a longer period of time have higher long-term retention. If you create a study schedule in advance, you can space out your study sessions and actually retain some of the knowledge you’ll need for your career. Total win!

Armed with some serious study strategies, and with fewer distractions to worry about, you’ll definitely ace this. If these tips haven’t turned your student apartment into the ideal study space, try a new one! Tour one of the other ROSS student apartments today.