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How to Clean Sweep Your Apartment Before Winter Break

December 9, 2018
Mother helps college-age daughter unload car full of items.

Don’t forget these items when you clean out your college apartment.

There are things that immediately stick out when you think about leaving your college apartment for a long break. Clear out the fridge. Turn down the heat. Pack your luggage. But there are a few major things that most people forget when they’re getting ready for winter break! Read on for the most commonly forgotten spaces you should clean before you head out for the holidays…

Start in the Bedroom

You’ve left packing to the last minutes and there’s still clean laundry spread all over your bed. It’s tempting to grab a handful of everyday items, shove them into a backpack, and get on your way. Resist the temptation to pack in a rush! It’s better to be a little late than forget something you’ll really need. When you think you’ve packed everything you’ll need, mentally walk yourself through your drive to the airport. Picture yourself stepping on the plane and stowing your carry-on. So what have you forgotten? Usually by this point you can name at least three items you want to have that you didn’t pack!

Now you’re ready to go, right? Well, first take a last look around the room. Are there things that will make you sigh deeply when you arrive home after your stressful travel day? Take a moment to put your clothes away, make your bed (or at least make it look made), stack papers neatly on your desk, and unplug all your electronics. All of your floor space should be free for moving around—unimpeded moving around. 

Now Move Into the Living Room

Think about those items you only really needed for the semester. Are there any rental textbooks you need to return before you leave home? Do you have an overdue library book tucked in between the couch cushions? And don’t forget, this can apply to digital content as well. Now’s the time to throw out old computer files and downloads you no longer need. Clear off the desktop debris from those last major projects and you’ll feel a lot calmer over break. De-clutter = de-stress.

It’s hard to forget cleaning out your fridge. Every college student has heard a horror story of what happens when you do forget, and the fear keeps us vigilant. What about the freezer and pantry? Are there crackers that will go stale? What about that frozen beef you’ve been meaning to turn into burgers since summer? Throw the bad stuff into the dumpster and get the keepers out for an on-the-way-out snack, if you’re not far from home, pack a cooler and bring things home to share with family.

And Done!

Hopefully, these tips have given you an idea about what spots in your college apartment should merit more attention this holiday season. This long break is a time of reflection for college students. Do you picture yourself somewhere new in the near future? Consider ROSS’ college apartments. Take a tour today and find out what they have to offer.