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Host the Perfect Friendsgiving in Your Apartment

November 5, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving Day! Autumn feast. Family sitting at the table and celebrating holiday. Traditional dinner. Grandparents, parents and children. Hands and cheers. Top view.

Tackle some college apartment challenges and come out on top this turkey day.

Just like every student has unique strengths, each college apartment by ROSS has its own unique features, amenities, and benefits. What’s better, hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpet? Does your apartment have a phenomenal kitchen or other engaging indoor spaces? This Thanksgiving, use these tips to better utilize your square footage, your budget, and your friends’ cooking skills (after all, they don’t call it Friendsgiving for nothing).


Take Advantage of Your Space

There are a few key features to consider when looking at your Thanksgiving layout. This holiday, just as with all the other parties and celebrations that center around food, you’ll find a lot of your guests lingering in the kitchen, or just outside of it. Whether they’re trying to help (or sneak a bite), in a closed off kitchen it can be incredibly frustrating! If you’re looking for an apartment, opt for an open floor plan where the kitchen and dining area flow naturally into one another. Seven Springs and Versailles Apartments both have this convenient design. When considering slips and spills, Hampstead Apartments in Richmond, VA is ideal. Ceramic tiles in the kitchen and wood floors in the dining area mean quick cleanup for any Turkey Day accidents.


Potluck It Up

As a college student, you may find your budget a tad short of the extravagant four-course meal you’ve been fantasizing about. Don’t get down about it. Instead, choose to hold a potluck pitch-in! The pros of this smart Friendsgiving choice go on and on: every guest is guaranteed to have a dish they love to eat, you don’t have to carry the entire meal yourself, and it creates an even deeper sense of togetherness. One caveat, prepare the turkey and gravy yourself. This will be the centerpiece of the evening (plus, no one is going to lug a 20-pound turkey to your place). With a separate formal dining room and wall-to-wall plush carpet, the Colesville Towers is the best place to display your hard work.


Don’t Toss Leftovers

After three days of turkey sandwiches and stuffing for lunch, any sane person would consider throwing in the towel and tossing whatever’s left. This year, instead of preparing leftovers in bulk, try creating more variety in your post-Turkey Day menu. These are some great ideas for how to turn unwanted leftovers into must-haves. Crestleigh Apartments is ideal for perfecting your leftover recipes, with brand new countertops and appliances. Or you can whip up some new recipes in Horizon Square Apartments’ eat-in kitchens, and enjoy the results right then and there.


Hosting your own Friendsgiving in your college apartment has plenty of challenges, but with ROSS’ convenient arrangements and some cooking creativity, you can create a holiday feast that won’t disappoint. Discover more great features in ROSS’ college apartments by taking a tour today.