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Best Holiday Buys in College Park

December 11, 2017

You Don’t Have to Go Broke to Get Out of Your Apartment in College Park, MD

Unless we take steps to break out of our routine, winter can leave us feeling cooped up. During finals especially, the blanket burrito can become a second home that we only leave for sustenance. And that’s not what the holidays are about. The winter season is for seeing loved ones, eating good food and having fun. Whether you’re celebrating the holidays in your apartment in College Park, MD, or headed home to see the family, we’ve got the best holiday buys.


Cash Back

This isn’t exactly a “buy”, but it is a fantastic idea for the holidays. Between splitting bills, paying covers, buying gifts and tipping for services (Christmas photo haircuts anyone?), cash is definitely king during the holiday season. Groupon has an extensive list of restaurants near ROSS’ apartments in College Park, MD, that offer cash back.


Festive Pub Crawl

Do you know Miracle on 34th Street? Whether you saw the 1947 version in black and white or you’re a millennial who’s only ever heard of the 1994 version (seriously?), everyone who loves Christmas has seen this classic film. This year, more than eight DC establishments are banding together to bring you “Miracle on U Street”. This holiday-themed pub crawl is a total blast. Costumes are definitely recommended (although not required) and drinks are $4 or less!


Skating Rink

For those of you looking for something a little more low-key, consider this Groupon for skate rentals at Herbert Wells Ice Rink. Just a few miles from any apartment in College Park, this spot is the perfect wintry getaway. And, if nothing else, being cold – inside – will shake up your December routine!



Lastly, in the true holiday spirit, Amtrak is offering a wide variety of discounts to all riders. From veterans and students, to regular commuters, you’ll be sure to find a ticket discount that works for you. Take a train home and this could be your view.


Make sure to enjoy these awesome holiday buys before the season comes to an end. And, if you’re looking for an even better buy, check out ROSS’ apartments in College Park, MD. Schedule a tour today!