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Healthy Hacks for Your Picky Eater

March 22, 2018

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, we’ve gathered up a few hacks to try when preparing school lunches (or dinner or breakfast) for your kids in your Laurel apartment.

Do you battle with your child to eat their veggies every night? For every parent struggling to get their little one to enjoy fruits and veggies, fear no more! Try out some of our tips below for a healthier and happier home.


Tip One: Turn It Into a Game

Invite the kiddos into your Laurel apartment’s kitchen and have them be your sous chef for whatever meal you’re preparing. Give them a job and put them to work! If they’re part of the process, they’ll want to try the creation. Simple, no-cook meals like fruit salad and yogurt parfaits are a great place to start.


Tip Two: Keep Healthy Snacks Available but Allow Choice

If you keep the cabinets in your Laurel apartment stocked with only healthy items, eventually the kids will adjust. Make the transition easier by giving your family options. Do you want grapes or an apple? Would you like peanut butter or almond butter on your whole what English muffin? Letting your little one choose their healthy option will make them feel like they’re in control…even though we know they’re not 😉


Tip Three: Drink Your Veggies

For the most fickle of picky eaters, start with small victories—like getting your kids to drink their veggies! Buy some chocolate protein powder and pack in all the greens you can think of. Better yet, make it a fun project and get them to build their own smoothie in the comfort of your Laurel apartment.


Tip Four: Be a Role Model

Take advantage of the kitchen space in your Laurel apartment and whip up some healthy meals for yourself, too! Leading by example will make healthy habits easy for your kids to adopt. If you need some recipe inspiration, check out our healthy recipes post here.


We hope you try out these healthy hacks in your Laurel apartment! Come on by for a tour and check our out spacious, homey kitchens (and the rest of our outstanding apartments) for yourself.