ROSS Companies Greenbelt, MD: A Community That Cares
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Greenbelt, MD: A Community That Cares

March 16, 2017
Charlestowne North Apartments building exterior w/ tree in front

Greenbelt, MD, is so much more than a city near the University of Maryland that offers amazing dining, shopping, entertainment and living options. Residents of apartments in Greenbelt, MD, enjoy all of these things plus something that many cities lack: a sense of community.

The City of Greenbelt is constantly keeping its residents in the forefront of every conversation, and has created and implemented many useful resources to meet their needs.

Here are just a few of the facilities the city provides for its community members:

  1. Buddy Attick Lake Park – There’s fun for everyone here! The 23-acre lake offers picnic areas for grilling, basketball courts and playgrounds to play on, as well as a dirt and stone path that winds around the lake. It truly gives members of the Greenbelt community a fun and safe place to enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Greenbelt Community Center – To make sure that the interests of all the city’s residents are nourished rather than neglected, the center offers a myriad of enrichment programs like adult health fitness and arts (ceramic, performance and visual), plus specialized programs for seniors, summer and more. Add in its gym and event room rentals and it’s clear that the center exists to serve the Greenbelt community in countless ways.
  3. Greenbelt Dog Park This facility’s mission is to “help promote responsible pet ownership and enhance canine training, behavior, and safe exercise opportunities,” resulting in a safer pet environment for the members of the Greenbelt community.

Living in a large city can definitely have its perks; but big cities can never cater toward their communities’ needs quite like Greenbelt has.

Take the time to visit one of ROSS Management Services’ Greenbelt communities and find out how you can become a member of a community that truly cares.