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Greenbelt’s Local Favorite

October 19, 2016

Greenbelt, MD, is a community that truly cares about the well-being of all its community members – a statement that the residents of ROSS’ Greenbelt, MD, apartments can attest to!

One perfect example of a local business that truly embodies this bold assertion is one of Greenbelt’s favorite dining establishments, the Silver Diner.

With locally sourced supplies, a family-friendly menu and school partnership programs, Silver Diner is serving up high-quality service while giving back to the community in more ways than one!

Here are what a few local diners had to say about their experience:

“While the food is amazing, the star(s) of this show are the employees. I have never been somewhere and felt genuinely appreciated. Not only do they remember you, but really give you great advice on food and drink selections. Have never had a bad situation with service and the one time I wasn’t overly ecstatic about my food, the manager gave me a coupon. I mean where else can you go and get 5 star service EVERY TIME?!? S/o to the guy yesterday that recommended the Chunky Monkey Shake to me. You sir are the real MVP!!!!! Keep up the great job yall, because we appreciate you all!!!” – Lauren M.

“Real deal diner food that is fresh from the farm. Excellent service and excellent food. I don’t feel terrible after eating my meal so you know the food is high quality. I highly recommend. You don’t come across diners like this very often.” – Mase T.

“Hands down the best food in Greenbelt.  No matter what you get it is fresh, imaginative yet classic, and well made.  Vegetarian options galore – roasted vegetable salad, sandwich, breakfast scrambler, huevos rancheros.  Meat options are great too, some particularly inventive and tasty options include lamb sliders, bison buenos rancheros, chicken pot pie.  Most entrees come with a side salad and the salads are all good, especially the citrus salad.  The scrambler comes with pancakes and strawberries for a super well rounded meal.  Shakes are exactly what they should be. The decor is classic diner – the waiters even wear 1950’s style uniforms.  5 stars for taste, originality, consistency, visual appeal, and freshness of ingredients.” – TkdElf H.

Treat the family to a delicious meal at Silver Diner: a place that cares about our Greenbelt community.

When you’re finished, treat the family again – to an apartment community that’s uniquely supplying Greenbelt with an unparalleled quality of service. Discover this community by taking a tour of ROSS’ Greenbelt apartments today!