ROSS Companies Going Far in Life at ROSS’ College Apartments
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Going Far in Life at ROSS’ College Apartments

July 16, 2015

Some people base their college experience off of their living quarters. These students will quickly tell you that they enjoyed the freedom of living off campus because they loved being close to all of the surrounding area’s great shopping, dining, culture and entertainment; but they’ll also mention how they couldn’t live there without the quick and easy access to campus they counted on through the use of public transportation.

As the residents of ROSS’ college student apartments already know, this off-campus environment helps them maintain their busy schedule and high test scores; as well as lends to a perfect balance between classes, work and, in some cases, family life.

Here are the top three public transportation options that make ROSS’ apartments for students such a help in successfully pursuing a college degree.


Whether you’re heading to class, planning a dinner in the city, meeting up with another family for a Saturday play date or catching a plane ride home for winter break, with over 50 stops (and more on the way) the Metro is sure to always meet your transportation needs.


Although most passengers take the bus route directly to a Metro train stop, this transportation option also provides riders the ability to venture around town. Let’s say your plans include: meeting up with a study group to run through a presentation one last time; meeting a few friends from class for happy hour; or just a quick trip to the grocery store. The local bus allows students the ability to get around town and successfully meet all of their obligations – without owning a car.


As you might expect, this option proves to be especially useful for ROSS’ international students. Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (more commonly referred to, respectively, as BWI, Dulles and National), are all relatively close by and allow for easily accessible trips home – even if home is abroad.

The next assignment for all University of Maryland, GWU, CUA, Gallaudet, Howard and Marymount students is to use whatever transportation mode it takes to get them to a place that provides them access to life’s necessities: ROSS’ college apartments. To learn more, come take a tour.