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Go Green With Ease

April 21, 2017
earth day apartments in silver spring maryland

The Residents of ROSS’ apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland, are primed to effortlessly contribute to a healthier environment all throughout the year.


Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22, and with the holiday comes the reminder to treat our beloved Earth just a little kinder. Being environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be as complicated as it can sometimes seem. Just by living in one of ROSS’ apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland, you’re in a position to go green with ease.


Here are a couple of the ways that we help residents live eco-friendly:


Energy-Efficient Gas Cooking

Three of our five Silver Spring communities offer gas cooking, which not only helps the environment, but also improves the cooking experience, as the appliance heats up and cools down faster than its electric counterpart.


Public Transportation Accessible

It’s not difficult to reduce your carbon footprint when you’ve got so many public transportation options. The majority of our Silver Spring communities are Metro and MARC train accessible – either through a Metrobus, a free shuttle or within walking distance.


Eco-Friendly Green-Screened Building at Metro 710 Apartments

Any resident living in ROSS’ Metro 710 Apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland, can enjoy extra peace of mind about their environmental contribution, thanks to its eco-friendly green screen addition.


Do your part to take care of the environment – both on Earth Day and on all of the days afterwards – at ROSS’ Apartments in Silver Spring. Stop by for a tour today!