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And You’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…

April 27, 2017

ROSS’ apartments for college students are located close to all the fun places to be in the DMV.

Here’s the problem with the average night out. You’re in your car with your date/buds/whatever. You drive someplace for dinner, park the car, go in, come out, drive to the movie theater/bowling alley/whatever, park the car, go in, come out, drive to the club/lounge/whatever for drinks, park the car, go in, go out, go home.

Say what you will, that does NOT sound like a good time to us. With all that driving, it kind of sounds like a night in the life of an cab driver, truth be told. But, wait! Here’s an idea: the residents of ROSS’ apartments for college students go to where you can do all three things (that’s what we meant by “fun, fun, fun”) IN ONE PLACE!!! Here are four suggestions to get you started. Now go have a good time and BTW, you’re welcome.


Dave & Buster’s

8661 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, MD

“Each store has more state-of-the-art games than ever, more mouth-watering menu items and the most innovative drinks anywhere. From wings to steaks, we’ve got whatever suits your appetite and our premium bar assures we’re stocked to satisfy! Plus, you can watch your game on one of our massive HDTVs with epic stadium sound.”


AMF College Park Lanes

9021 Baltimore Blvd., College Park, MD

“AMF College Park offers best-in-class bowling and awesome anytime fun on 40 all-star lanes! Our massive video walls let you watch the big game or the latest music videos while you bowl and our plush laneside seating adds a new level of class and comfort to your bowling experience. Visit AMF College Park and enjoy an impressive selection of beer and cocktails, as well as an inventive lineup of signature dishes.”


Black Cat

1811 14th St., NW, Washington, DC

“The Black Cat has been bringing you the best in live [alternative/]independent music since it opened in the fall of 1993. Located in the heart of the historic U Street corridor…the Black Cat has been a home for local and national talent, thereby playing its own part in the explosion of indie rock that marked the late ‘90s and early ‘00s.”


Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse

2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA

“The Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse is a unique combination of a full restaurant located inside a theater. Customers enjoy a full restaurant/bar menu and [tableside] service while sitting in oversized comfortable chairs. The Theater has had a rich history of entertaining DC Area residents with great movies. [It] also has a rich history of live entertainment. We plan to cultivate and improve the Drafthouse experience.”


What?! Still sitting there reading?! Well, that’s okay. It means you have some time to get up, get out and get moving to tour any of ROSS’ affordable apartments for college students now, so you’ll have a great place to come home to when you do go out. And again: you’re welcome.