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Fun and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

October 22, 2018

These are the simplest ways to delight trick-or-treaters around your affordable apartment!

Nothing is more disappointing for trick-or-treaters (or their dressed-up, stressed out parents) than seeing a closed door slowly open to reveal… two adults in regular clothes. Add some spooky spectacle to your Halloween this year by creating simple costumes using items you already have in your affordable apartment! Don’t show up a costume party without a killer costume to show off and don’t leave the neighborhood kids disappointed. Read on for some scary good costume ideas…


The Classics: Cats, Bats, and Braaaaiiiiiins

Some of the best Halloween costumes can be made with a base of simple, all-black clothing. Cats and bats, like many animal creatures, require only the easy addition of a pair of ears and a tail to make a phenomenal costume! For something less sinister, consider a bunny, puppy dog, or mouse.

Now as for brains, we all know they’re a zombie’s favorite dish. One batch of face paint can turn any normal outfit into a spooky undead character. With a splash of fake blood (ketchup or sriracha are easy alternatives for the expensive party store kind) and some green undertones, you’ll be creepy in no time!


Back to the Future

Pick a decade, any decade! Throwback to your teenage years and get some of those embarrassing threads out of your childhood closet. If you really commit, any look can make a great decades’ Halloween costume. Depending on your era, you might be an 80’s rocker, a 90’s baby or even a 2000’s tween.

Want something fresh? Try your take of the future. An all silver ensemble is basically Halloween shorthand for, “I’m a robot, don’t ask.” If you want to go one step further, spray paint a series of cardboard boxes and plastic tubes and assemble your own futuristic astronaut based on the 1950’s aesthetic. This is perhaps the most recognizable play on the robot, and it will probably get the most laughs, too (along with a request for the eponymous dance move).


Fun for Kids

Although children can be the pickiest about clothes, they’re probably the easiest to please when it comes to costumes. Dress then up as their favorite color, paint their face like a beloved animal or adorable bug, or cut up a twin sized sheet to make a totally classic ghost. Don’t have a trick-or-treat bucket or basket yet? Use a pillowcase for collecting candy.


An even more creative and collaborative choice is to let the kids help make their own costume. Buy an all-white outfit (pants, top, and shoes) and help your child decorate them with markers, fabric paint, buttons, pom-poms, and any other creative additions you can think of. You’ll have a blast coming up with ideas together and bringing the costume to life.


Once you’ve finished your absolutely adorable or totally terrifying costumes, you can finish off your Halloween preparation by decking out your affordable apartment. Want to make this Halloween season even more special? Try trick or treating in one of our affordable communities. Better yet, take a tour today and get an inside look.