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Five Ways to Celebrate Dad

June 6, 2018

Surprise, treat and connect with your father like never before, inside—and outside—your ROSS military apartment.

In the rush of everyday life, it can be hard to remember to truly value those around us. So when occasions like Father’s Day come around, it’s a critical time for self-reflection. Are we doing all we can to show our parents, spouses, and siblings that they mean the world to us? There’s more than one way to do it. Taking one some of their household chores. Calling to check up on them. Treating them to dinner. This Father’s Day, we encourage you to celebrate dad by engaging all five of his senses with these creative ideas.

Grandfather With Son And Grandson Having Fun In Park


The sight of gift-wrapped presents brings out the child in all of us. Gazing upon a brightly colored, ribbon-wrapped cardboard box will bring a smile to the face of even the gruffest of fathers. But what to put inside? That depends on the kind of dad you’ve got. Today there are websites that sell perfect gifts for every specialty. If your dad is a tech master or a classic outdoorsman, try ThinkGeek or Cabela’s. A Birchbox subscription is perfect for a well-groomed professional, while a custom t-shirt can be designed to express a favorite hobby, location or belief (and even accommodate that famous dad bod). For maximum convenience, order a gift online and have it delivered to your ROSS military apartment.



Humans bond over food. From your first bite of birthday cake to the dishes your family gathers around each evening, cooking and eating together connects us. You can cook up dad’s favorite dish in a fully equipped kitchen and set a beautiful table in the separate formal dining room if you live in a Metro 710 military apartment; or, you can munch on the private balcony of your Crestleigh military apartment. If you want to get out in the early summer sunshine, create your own picnic.



Nothing beats the aroma of a craft brewery (except maybe Old Bay). You can find the best local breweries near your military apartment using this map. Spend a few quality hours really catching up with your father over delicious cold brews.



Look at any interaction between parents and children and you’ll see one fundamental component: touch. Hugging, hi-fives, kisses and fist bumps are all expressions of our connection to one another. Get some relationship-building fun in with a game of flag football. From the team huddle pep-talk to the soaring endorphins, by the end you’ll both be feeling great. After, take a dip in the pool at your Park Greene military apartment to cool off.



Thank you. I’m sorry. I love you. These are words we don’t say enough. Take this chance to express your appreciation, admiration and, yes, even frustration with your father. Go through your family photo albums and find a few pictures that represent highs and lows of your relationship over the years. Paste copies into a small photo album and mark the date below each, without explanation. Then, when dad opens the gift, you can explain what each photo reminds you of. Flash back to when you had your first car accident (and he was furious). Remember what it felt like to walk across a graduation stage while he snapped photos with pride. Recall the first few years after you moved away from home or the birth of his first grandchild. The bittersweet nature of this gift will only cement your feelings of gratitude and the depth of your connection.


You can celebrate Father’s Day by taking dad out on the town for beers and presents.

Or, you can spend the special day at home, having an intimate gathering in your dining room or playing ball on the grass. Tour a ROSS military apartment today and see all the spaces you can call home.