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Five Easy Ways To Organize Your Closet

March 27, 2017

The residents at ROSS’ Overlook Apartments in Hyattsville, Maryland can get an early start on their spring-cleaning with these tips.

As the beginning of spring quickly approaches and the days get longer, the lingering effects of hibernating indoors all winter start to become more apparent. The relaxed nature that we adopt during the coldest months of the year often take a toll on our lives in varying ways – one of them being the tidiness of our homes.

When combatting the extra layers of clothing, cold weather accessories, and other knick-knacks that we’ve accumulated, a good organization system can be extremely helpful. The residents of ROSS’ Overlook Apartments in Hyattsville, Maryland have the most important tool that they need to get organized – large walk-in closets!


Here are some tips to put that closet to good use.


Lighten Your Load

Cut ties with any items that you haven’t worn in over a year. You can easily sell them online or donate them to a local charity.


Live by the Season

Stow away any clothes that you won’t wear during the current season. Place them in a storage bin that you can hide out of sight.


Make Things Easy to Find

Organize similar clothes together in your closet and use hangers with grip or indentations to keep things from falling on the floor.


Keep Track of Your Accessories

Try mounting a pegboard on your closet door and use small hooks to organize jewelry and smaller accessories.


Manage Your Shoes

Use clear front-loading containers for your shoes instead of cardboard boxes so that you can easily access them and stack them to save space.


Now that you know how to tidy up your bedroom, you’re all set to head into spring with a clear head. Keep the positive energy going by heading to apartments that give you the tools you need to maintain your good habits. Stop by ROSS’ Overlook Apartments in Hyattsville, Maryland for a tour today!