ROSS Companies Find The Perfect Hyattsville Apartment For Your Family
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Puppies, Pools and Playgrounds

March 19, 2018

Find the perfect Hyattsville apartment for your family.

When you have kids, they’re always on the top of your mind. From what hours you work and what food you buy to where you live and work, you consider them in every big decision you make.

We know what it’s like. And that’s why we’ve made our Hyattsville apartments so family-friendly. Whether you have young kids, middle schoolers or teenagers, you can find your ideal Hyattsville apartment with ROSS.


Bedford Station Apartments/Victoria Station Apartments

The Bedford Station Apartments/Victoria Station Apartments are perfect for parents with younger children. These Hyattsville apartments line a green boulevard, with small yards in front of each building. And there’s a playground within the complex, perfect for sunny summer afternoons.

Pets are allowed at each Hyattsville apartment, and at Bedford Station Apartments/Victoria Station Apartments, you can have two! Pets are the perfect opportunity to teach children about caretaking and responsibility (in an adorable, fluffy way, of course). Lastly, the eat-in kitchens are perfect for woke-up-late breakfasts before school—and for completing homework under the caring instruction of a parent.


Overlook Apartments

Overlook Apartments is perfect for parents with teens and pre-teens. With utilities included, you’ll never have to worry about the hour-long showers or two-hour hair styling sessions. These Hyattsville apartments offer walk-in closets for keeping all the latest fashions and a 24-hour laundry for those unfortunate, party-night clothing emergencies. Lastly, Overlook Apartments has a swimming pool and sundeck. With this cool place to hang in the summer, you won’t have to worry about your teenager sneaking off. Instead, they’ll become the center of school break social time.


All Apartments

Both Hyattsville apartment complexes are close to local schools, shopping and restaurants. The Bedford Station Apartments/Victoria Station Apartments are just a block away from the Woodlands Restaurant, while Overlook Apartments is just over a 10-minute drive from Franklins, a favorite with the kids for its goofy gift shop. For more local restaurants near your Hyattsville apartment, read on here.

You can find the perfect Hyattsville apartment for your family at either of these fantastic ROSS properties. Contact Overlook Apartments or Bedford Station Apartments/Victoria Station Apartments and schedule a tour today.