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Four Fantastic Feels of Bringing Your Pet Home

September 27, 2016

Adding a new pet to the family can be an exciting time for the residents of ROSS’ apartments in Alexandria.

It can also be a nervous and somewhat scary experience for the residents who are doing this for the first time, as there is always fear associated with unfamiliar territory.

To help familiarize the process a bit, here are four fantastic feelings that accompany the residents of ROSS’ Alexandria apartments’ amazing decision to bring a pet home:

  1. Excitement – New things are always exciting, especially when they are adorable and can play fetch!
  2. Love – Whether you’re in a great mood or a bad mood, just disciplined them or just fed them, pets have the amazing ability to provide the gift of unconditional love.
  3. Appreciation – Dog walks become the perfect excuse to head outside, enjoy the scenery and appreciate the beauty surrounding your Alexandria apartment.
  4. Relief – “Findings suggest that the social support a pet provides can make a person feel more relaxed and decrease stress. Social support from friends and family can have similar benefits, but interpersonal relationships often cause stress as well, whereas pets may be less likely to cause stress. The social support provided by a pet might also encourage more social interactions with people, reducing feelings of isolation or loneliness. For example, walking with a dog has been found to increase social interaction, especially with strangers, compared to walking without a dog.”

Bring your furry friend home to a community that will welcome it with open arms. Discover this pet-friendly community by taking a tour of ROSS’ apartments in Alexandria, Virginia, today!