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Family Games to Play This Season

November 9, 2017

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the residents of ROSS’ apartments in Laurel are encouraged to enjoy their family time!

The fall has arrived and with it brings the promise of lots of indoor, family fun as we head into the holiday season. We’ve put together a list of some great family games to play in the comfort of your apartment. Pop the popcorn (or maybe a fall treat), bring your “A game” and get ready for a night your family is sure to remember for years to come!


“Shout It!”

Suitable for families big and small, “Shout It” is compatible for two to 10 players. It has four levels. For example, on LEVEL 1, the players shout the word that starts with the same letter as the picture on the card. First one to shout back the correct guess wins that round. Player who has the most cards after the pile is finished wins LEVEL 1. You can download the instructions and playing cards, here.


Jenga With a Twist

We love this new take on the classic party game. Grab some masking tape and a marker and write action items on each of the Jenga pieces. Each player must complete the task, whether it be a cartwheel or singing a song, once selecting the game piece. Find the full tutorial here.


“Minute to Win It”

Do you remember that hilarious game show on NBC a few years ago? The concept of the game was simple: the contestant was assigned a challenge and had a minute to complete it, using household items. The show is no longer on the air, but has become a staple of family game nights! Get ready for a competitive and hilarious evening in ROSS’ Laurel apartments! Find game instructions and 200 “Minute to Win It” challenges here.


ROSS’ Laurel apartments are built with entertaining in mind. Enjoy time with family and friends during this special time of year. Head over to take a tour and you might just see some seasonal decorations on our grounds!