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Top Five Activities for the Kids

February 22, 2018

How to entertain the children at your ROSS apartment for military families.

Kids love days off from school. That’s a fact. But parents are not equally fond of them. Faced with a dauntingly empty eight-hour block of time ahead of them, a parent could easily feel overwhelmed. Most of us don’t have experience making lesson plans or organizing structured activities for our children. But without some semblance of order, a fun day off can quickly unravel into one big mess! During the next day off from school, cozy up in your apartment for military families and try out these simple ideas to keep your children entertained.

  1. Make Something Sweet
    Baking is one of the most enjoyable activities. And huddling around the oven as they cook is almost a national pastime in America. Plus, measuring ingredients, mixing them together and forming dough balls can all be instructive to your young child. Help them develop their coordination, communication and organizational skills by baking cookies with them! Try out any one of these fantastic recipes.
  2. Challenge Them
    For an older child with tons of energy, building an indoor obstacle course is a great idea. First, see if they can complete it with no errors. Then, graduate them to timed runs or challenge them to go around the course as many times as they can without stopping. Hopefully, tiring them out will lead to an extended period of quiet, if not an actual nap. Take advantage of the pause to cook a meal or catch up on work.
  3. Play a Game
    If you’ve got more than one kid at home…well, you know the saying about herding cats. A group game is the perfect solution to youngsters running wild. Balloon volleyball is a favorite for all ages and it doesn’t require constant supervision. Create a court in a carpeted room and leave your kids to their own cushy devices. For variety, try the hockey version.
  4. Be Creative
    Art is a great outlet for mental energy. Make some play dough for your toddler or have your elementary aged child make it with you.
  5. Go Outside!
    Your kids will be excited to venture outside your apartment for military families, let them! Heading outside to play with friends and burn energy can be the best thing for everyone.

With so many options, it’s easy to find the right ROSS apartment for military families. For more cool ideas that match your lifestyle, check out our military blog or tour a ROSS apartment for military families today.