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Dog Days Of Summer

July 31, 2018
Attractive young woman with labrador outdoors. Woman on a green grass with dog labrador retriever.

The Clearfield pet-friendly affordable apartments will make your pet smile this summer

Finding an apartment that works for you and your pooch is hard, but ROSS is here to make it easy. The Clearfield pet-friendly affordable apartments in Colonial Heights, VA, make a great home for us and our furry friends. Here’s why: affordable rent and convenient amenities make life easy for you; living in a pet-friendly community with its own pet park makes life fun for Fido! Read on for the top Clearfield amenities that cater to you and your pet.

A Sparkling Swimming Pool

After a long day of new sights, smells and sounds, your dog just wants to take a nap! Let him enjoy the refreshing air conditioning in your pet-friendly apartment while you lounge poolside. Crystal clear water, plenty of spots to spread out in the sun and adorable patio-style seating will have you coming back again and again.

Green Space

Clearfield is known for its spacious pet park. Bright green grass welcomes your pup to a world of excitement! Throw a ball, play tug of war or let your dog socialize with its neighbors while you do the same. However you choose to enjoy the space, you can be assured that your pet will be secure, safe and happy.

An Awesome Volleyball Court

The highlight of any day at the beach is the sand volleyball game that gets a little too competitive…until you all bust out laughing. You can have your fantasy beach vacation every day, with Clearfield’s beautiful pool and nearby volleyball court. Get playing!

Understanding Neighbors

Clearfield is a community full of pet-friendly affordable apartments. Your neighbors won’t mind if you have a noisy puppy, because they probably have one, too! It’s a great excuse to say hi to your new neighbors and a total sigh of relief. Maybe your pup will meet a new friend or two.

The Clearfield pet-friendly affordable apartments are a haven for you and your pooch. With totally comfortable accommodations, ample amenities and a pet-friendly atmosphere, you’ll want for nothing. Take a tour today and see what makes Clearfield so great for man’s best friend.