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Affordable DIY School Supplies

September 4, 2018
Group Of High School Students Running Along Corridor Away From Camera

You can do these crafts mess-free in your affordable apartment.

Get your kids excited for fall classes with these easy and affordable DIY school supply projects! You can craft up some funny emoji magnets for locker decoration; or, you can use duct tape and an X-ACTO to customize any item. Read on for our best ideas to keep your little ones organized, personalized and smiling.

Just the Fun Things

What’s life without a little fun? A well-placed inspirational quote or calm painting can lift our spirits during a hard day at work. Why shouldn’t the same be true for our kids? Turn round magnets into emojis with yellow spray paint and sharpies. Not only are they cute and interactive, but they give younger kids a chance to practice identifying and expressing different emotions.

With an elementary-aged or middle school-aged child, you can bring a little fun into reading with personalized bookmarks. All you need is some patterned paper of their choice, access to a laminator and whatever other accents they’d like! Try out buttons, stickers and tassels, for extra flair.

Keep Them Organized

Another great magnet idea: a set of brightly colored alphabet magnets meant for little kids, covered in metallic spray paint to create a more sophisticated look. High schoolers can label their A and B days, or spell out the name of their school and friends.

Don’t forget about versatility. As the years go on, nothing will be more useful than blackboard or whiteboard paper decorations. They can be applied to any flat surface (think notebooks, binders and hard-case lunch boxes) and they can be erased and rewritten over and over!

Customize Anything

Duct tape is another versatile crafting tool. With the help of a rule and an X-ACTO, you can create labels and decorations for textbooks, lockers and organizers. Use sharpies on duct tape to customize items even further. For a total radical customization, try turning a white backpack into a fuzzy rainbow or a faraway galaxy.

Try any of these awesome craft collaborations with your own kids. Their faces will positively illuminate. For more tips on how to make the most of your affordable apartment, check out our blog. Interested in a property? Tour any one today.