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DIY Fourth of July Decorations

July 7, 2019
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It’s time to take out the sparklers! This year’s Fourth of July is sure to be filled with excellent company, delicious foods, and summer-time memories that will last until the next U.S. birthday celebration. This year, try these do-it-yourself craft ideas at our ROSS affordable apartments to take the party to that next level!

Fourth of July Mason Jar

These jars are a super simple and diverse way to create centerpieces for the table. Any size jars can be used, but smaller ones are likely preferable to hold flowers, candles, sparklers, glow sticks, or even utensils.

First, cut a piece of burlap to fit around the jar. Use hot glue to secure the end of the fabric to the jar in the back (if a hot glue gun is not available, clear tape should also do the trick). Then, take some blue, red, white, or star patterned ribbon, and tie it on the jar! Make it into a bow, or tape the ends to the back like a band. The product is quickly accomplished and a beautiful decoration that will leave guests speechless!

Festive Placemats

For this project, acquire red and white striped fabric, as well as denim. How much you will need will depend on how many placemats you want to make! Additionally, the placemats require a “disappearing” pen, which is available at most craft stores, thin white yarn, and a basic sewing kit.

First, cut a 15-inch by 11-inch rectangle from the red and white striped fabric, and a 6-inch by 5-inch rectangle from the denim fabric. Next, use the disappearing pen to trace a five-point star on the denim. Outline this by passing a needle and thin white yarn through the points. Finally, sew the denim to the top left corner of the striped fabric. Sewing not your thing? Don’t worry iron-on adhesive will also work just as well.

Patriotic String Lights

These yarn globes can be used as gorgeous string light covers, or be displayed in a bowl as a decoration. For this project, you will need: red, white, and blue yarn, 5” balloons, glue, water, petroleum jelly, wire, and string lights.

First, inflate the balloons so they are about four inches in diameter, and tie them securely. After this, rub them in petroleum jelly. This will help prevent the yarn from sticking to the balloons in the upcoming steps. Next, mix two parts glue and one part water in a shallow bowl or pan. Wrap the yarn around your fingers several times, being careful not to tangle it. Soak the yarn in the glue mixture, coating all of the fibers. After this, tie one end of the yarn loosely around the knot of the balloon, and begin winding the yarn around the balloon. Criss-cross it in different directions. You can use several colors, or just one! Whenever you reach the end of a yarn loop, tuck it under another piece and recoat it with the glue mixture. Now that you’ve done this, tie a string somewhere where the yarn globes can hang and dry, and attach them with clothespins. After about 48 hours, the balloons will be slightly deflated. Pop them and remove them from the yarn globes. Finally, simply find an opening in the yarn to insert the bulbs of the string lights. Secure it with wire to ensure that the yarn globe doesn’t fall off!

All of these party tricks will serve to ensure that America’s 243rdbirthday will be one for the books. The supplies for these projects are located at most any craft store, conveniently accessible from the ROSS affordable apartments. Take a tour today to discover just how simple it could be.