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Spend Your Day With Your Technology Tucked Away

March 8, 2019

Five Places to Plug Into the Hyattsville Dining and Arts Scene

In our ever growing tech era, it’s hard to find time to pull yourself away from a screen and redirect your attention to what exists around you. In Hyattsville, with restaurants popping up and the art scene bursting with life, don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in something new. Luckily, living in your ROSS Hyattsville apartment, there are plenty of experiences for you to appreciate.

Sohy Arts Collective

Head over to the Sohy Arts Collective building to support some local DMV artists. From reimagined, recycled furniture at Tanglewood Works to thought-provoking artwork at Studio Sohy, the amount of things to see will completely captivate you. This is the place to go to spark your imagination and reflect on your next art project. Before you know it, you’ll forget about your phone!

Pyramid Atlantic

While you’re exploring the area, make sure to stop in at Pyramid Atlantic. Once a home, a church, a bowling alley, and a movie theater, this art factory has history written on its walls that you’ll want to go see for yourself. On your way to the second floor gallery, you will get to see people in action on the art factory floor using letterpress machines, screen printing tools, and bookbinding presses.

If you feel so inspired you don’t want to leave, check Pyramid Atlantic’s schedule to get into one of their art classes. These are typically instructed by artists in residence with diverse skill sets in printing, book binding, and so much more!

Once you’re done checking out the Hyattsville art scene, you’ve probably worked up an appetite to try some of the local eateries, brews, and sweet treats.

Banana Blossom Bistro

Travel through space into the streets of Hanoi at this brand new upscale fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant. After their soft opening in early February, this restaurant put itself and Hyattsville on DC’s food culture map. Their banh mi and vermicelli soup dishes are certainly the talk of the town so head on over and show that you’re supporting local!

Shortcake Bakery

When your sweet tooth kicks in, walk over to this bakery to pick up some delicious and decadent treats. The owner, Cheryl Harrington, was a key player in contributing and creating to what is now known as the Hyattsville Arts District. After graduating from Howard University, she dedicated herself to building her bakery business in this thriving district. Today, her story inspires many more to make the move to Hyattsville!

Streetcar 82 Brewing Co

Time for that night cap? Good thing Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. is just down the street! With a large selection of brews on tap, you’ll be sitting there wondering why you haven’t come here before. While you’re there, ask about the history behind Streetcar 82 and its significance in connecting Hyattsville with Washington, DC. If you can’t find the answer, then I guess you can pull out your phone to google it!

Sangfroid Distilling

Fairly new to the scene, this craft distillery makes some of the best artisinal spirits in the region, if not the world. Specializing in fruit brandies (like apple and pear), Dutch-style gin and rye whiskey, this tiny spot near Vigilante Coffee offers tastings of their handcrafted, farm-to-bottle spirits, and Nate and Jeff can tell you all about their philosophy of doing things the right way, even though it’s more labor intensive and time-consuming. Stop into this little distillery and you’ll find the truest essence of fruit in a bottle, as well as some really nice guys.

After that entire day of art and food indulgence, you can trust that our downtown Hyattsville ROSS apartment will be there for you to unwind and recharge. Take a tour today and experience true convenience anew.