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Diary of a Happy Dog

June 10, 2015

As I lay here on my doggy bed, reflecting on the day I just had, I’m finding it hard to fall asleep. Why, you may ask? Let me tell you!

It all started in our ROSS pet-friendly apartment this morning when I woke up Mom and Dad with my daily slobbery kisses. It took a little time and a lot of tongue, but finally Dad got out of bed, spent some time in that room with the big white water bowl, then fed me breakfast. I knew it was going to be a special day when he gave me leftovers instead of dry dog food…but I didn’t know just HOW special. (Which is good because I might’ve wagged my tail right off trying to get him to hurry up!)

Our first adventure was a trip to Great Falls Park, where we went on a long, exploratory walk. After we parked the car and hit the trails, I didn’t waste any time. I immediately started to pull at my leash in attempts to smell, discover and explore any and everything around me. I even found a squirrel!

It was really hot during our walk, so we headed back to our apartment to relax and cool off; we were able to set the apartment to a cooler temperature than usual because we have individual climate control. The cool air – and all the exploring – relaxed me so much I fell asleep; but not for long! Once I woke up, I knew Dad could tell I was getting antsy just sitting there so I entertained him with my tricks. So far I’ve nailed sit down AND roll over, and I’m working on a high five.

Soon after that, it was finally time for my play date at the dog park, with my good friends Spike and Chester. All three of us got to run around without our pesky leashes and we even sniffed out a few NEW friends, who were visiting from their apartments for rent in Falls Church. Later, after my besties left, Dad and I stayed for a few more games of fetch, and then headed home to our apartment in Prince Georges County, MD.

Take it from me, there’s nothing better than an action-packed Saturday filled with outdoor activities during these warm summer days; and the coolest part is, Mom and Dad can keep me active and exercised without a backyard!

I would TOTALLY recommend living in ROSS’ pet-friendly affordable apartment communities to every other dog that enjoys the outdoors. It’s time to beg your owners to take a tour, so you too can live in a perfectly located, pet-friendly community. C’mon, we all know they can’t ever say no to your puppy dog eyes!