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In DC, There Are 365 Memorial Days Every Year

April 27, 2017

With its monuments, memorials and museums, DC shows residents of ROSS’ military apartments how much they’re appreciated, every day.

We’re proud to offer military discount programs and other benefits to the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces at all of ROSS’ military apartments. In that spirit, we’d like to suggest that while you’re here, you and your family take advantage of the unique, incredibly diverse collection of inspiring structures to be found all over and around the nation’s capital, all created to honor those who’ve been part of America’s military history.

We’ve left out the ones that most of the world is familiar with: like Arlington Cemetery, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial and, most recently, the World War II Memorial. Instead, we’re inviting you to see the lesser-known – but no less heartfelt – tributes to groups that showcase the diversity that has been the hallmark of our nation for over 240 years.


African-American Civil War Memorial and Museum

1925 Vermont Ave, NW, Washington, DC

“Over 200,000 African-American soldiers and sailors served in the U.S. Army and Navy during the Civil War. The African-American Civil War Memorial and Museum honor their service and sacrifice.”


American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

807 Maine Ave, SW, Washington, DC

“For veterans of the U.S. armed forces who were permanently disabled, this memorial was dedicated on October 5, 2014. This is the first national memorial dedicated solely to disabled veterans.”


Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial

On the Mt. Vernon Trail, southwest of the 14th Street Bridge in Arlington, VA

“This memorial…depicts seven seagulls directly above the crest of a wave [and] has the inscription, ‘To the strong souls and ready valor of…the Navy, the Merchant Marine and other paths of Activity upon the waters of the world…this monument is dedicated by a grateful people.'”


Women in Military Service for America Memorial

2 Memorial Avenue, near entrance to Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, VA

“This memorial honors women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. On October 16, 1997, the memorial was dedicated with a candlelight march, America’s first all-female fly-over of military aircraft.”


Korean War Veterans Memorial

West Potomac Park, Washington, DC

“The memorial depicts 19 approximately seven-foot-tall stainless steel statues, wearing ponchos and standing in patches of Juniper bushes. This sobering [tableau] has an instantaneous and lasting affect on the viewer.”


When you’re done visiting these, you can start tracking down the area’s wealth of plaques, urns, obelisks, statues and other expressions of gratitude. In between, you could be relaxing in a community that appreciates your service every bit as much. Come tour ROSS’ off-base apartments for rent today. (And be sure to ask about the ROSS Military Rental Partnership Program while you’re there!)