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A Day of Pup-preciation!

August 24, 2017
apartments for rent in Alexandria

The canine family members of the residents of ROSS’ EOS-21 apartments for rent in Alexandria are in the perfect place for a love-filled National Dog Day.

It’s only appropriate that with all of the holidays dedicated to the fun things that we love – like doughnuts, coffee and our siblings – that we’d have a day to celebrate humankind’s true blue BFF. We’re talking about that furry friend who always loves you no matter what and will shower you with hugs and kisses, whether you’ve been gone for two months, two days or two minutes.


The residents of ROSS’ EOS-21 apartments for rent in Alexandria have the ability to show their dogs how much they care all year long, by taking them to the on-site Wiggly Field dog park. But, since this a national holiday we’re talking about, we figure our residents would want to get a little more creative with their celebration.


On August 26, put one of these ideas to use to give back a fraction of the love that dogs show us.


Make the Day All About Your Pet

Start by taking your pet to their favorite store (The Dog Park for example) and picking out a new toy (or a few) for them to play with. Then, head to the park to play fetch and let them run free and make new friends. After they’ve tired out, pick out a special treat for dessert (again, The Dog Park has great options) and give them plenty of belly rubs once you’re back home!


Step Up for Pups Everywhere

Don’t have a pet of your own? You can still celebrate by volunteering at a local shelter or by donating blankets, food and toys to local animal welfare organizations. You could also have an ultimate National Dog Day by adopting your own furry friend to love and care for from a local shelter.


Have a Pup Party

We couldn’t forget the best way to celebrate any and all holidays. Host your very own pup appreciation party on the grounds of EOS-21 apartments. Get some human-friendly and pet-friendly treats and invite you and your pet’s closest friends over for a day of good times and good food.


No matter how you decide to celebrate National Dog Day, make sure it’s a day full of the fun and love that your pet deserves! And when the day is done, head to a community that always takes care of its residents (whether they’re pets or humans). Stop by ROSS’ apartments for rent in Alexandria for a tour today!