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Creative Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

September 4, 2018
man in work clothes, holding tools and a US flag in his hands and looking into the distance against the background of trees, blue sky and sunset. View from the back.

Share this Labor Day with your local Hyattsville apartments’ residents.

programming. But, it’s also an important time to reflect, to look inwards and look outwards to our friends, family and neighbors. Here are a few ideas for how to come together, celebrate…and contemplate.

Grill, bake or fry something for your local first responders.

Your local police or fire station would welcome a fresh, homemade meal any time. Labor Day is the perfect occasion to cross this good deed off your list. Bake a batch of cookies, grill up some burgers or toss a salad in the name of our most honorable workers.

Hold a fundraising barbecue for your favorite charity.

Being grateful isn’t just the right and timely thing to do around Labor Day, it actually makes people happier. Take this chance to give back by hosting a fundraising event! It can be a barbeque or picnic, a mini-carnival with toys and games, or any other fun event you can imagine. Whether you donate to your local animal shelter, put aside some money for the earth or contribute to programs that help at-risk youth, you can feel good about your decision this Labor Day.

Host an Ice Cream Social.

Labor Day officially marks the end of summer, so it’s the perfect time to wear those white capris or show off your badminton skills one last time. And nothing makes a better close to the summer season than a good old fashioned ice cream social. This delightfully cheerful concept brings to mind the delicacy and decorum of times past. This Labor Day weekend, try dressing up a little (think all white: tennis shorts, fedoras, etc.) and making pleasant conversation with your friends and loved ones over ice cream. Maybe, you even invite that neighbor you don’t usually get along with. Labor Day is when we should strive to be magnanimous; to put aside animosity in favor of tasty frozen treats!

Organize a neighborhood parade.

This is a great way to get the kids involved. Take a moment out to explain the holiday and why we celebrate it. Then, you can hand out costumes, instruments, decorations and noisemakers. End the parade with a big round of applause for the little ones and maybe a block party for parents. We deserve it.

Buy an American-made product.

It’s an awesome excuse to get some birthday and holiday shopping done ahead of schedule. Although you can do this one alone, you can also take your friends and neighbors on a “Made-in-America” scavenger hunt. Head to some local stores and see how hard it is to find your usual products in an American-made equivalent. You might be surprised.

Try any of these ideas for an educational and entertaining Labor Day. It’s the perfect way to get to know your Hyattsville apartments’ other residents if you’re new to the area. If you’re still in the process of looking for that new place, tour one of our Hyattsville apartments today.