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Fall’s Flavorful Five

November 25, 2015

Dining out is always a great treat. However, sometimes this treat can lose its luster when there are only a few classic restaurants on the repertoire. For example: pizza was once your ticket for a momentary escape to Italy, but over time has become just another excuse for not cooking.

Well, it’s time to shake things up a bit and add a little spice to your life! Residents of ROSS’ apartments for rent in College Park, you’re invited to restore the luster of dining out with one of fall’s flavorful five!

  1. Krazi Kebob – Five Star Report – “Yummy Pakistani-Indian food with Mexican fusion and served Chipotle style so you can get whatever you’d like. Fresh baked naan is super! Mostly here to compliment the service–not sure if we were there with the manager or an employee, but he was incredibly friendly and helpful, eager to explain all the food, ingredients, etc. He even served us up a heaping sample of fresh, hot curried chickpeas and rice! Incredibly kind and pleasant service goes a long way in my book :)” – Margaret D.
  2. Pho Thom – Five Star Report – “Best Thai food in the College Park area. I have been going here for years and haven’t tried one thing I haven’t liked. My favorite dishes are the Pad Thai and the Pad Kee Moa. The atmosphere and service is excellent. Pho Thom is a must try!!” – Amanda B.
  3. Rasoi Restaurant – Five Star Report – “The food has a lot variety! It is the best I ever had among the India Buffet places. Service is great. Naan is always freshly baked.” – Tian L.
  4. Shanghai Tokyo Cafe – Five Star Report – “Shanghai Tokyo Cafe proved to be a fantastic choice for my husband and I. We went this past Wednesday. My husband had a satisfying dish of Five Spice noodle with root beer, while I had a delicious dish of Shrimp Thai Pineapple Fried Rice. What I also liked about this place is that the servers are friendly and the food is affordable.” – Stella C.
  5. Food Factory – Five Star Report – “My kids and I have been going to this place over the last few years more constantly than probably some of its staff! It’s amazing how they have maintained the great taste of the food. Their kabob is the best in the area, the zarda (yellow rice) is awesome and of course their mint sauce is my daughter’s favorite.” – Umer K.

Once you’ve experienced the fabulous flair of fall’s flavorful five, continue to spice up every aspect of your evening by coming home to an exceptional community that prides itself on their ability to deliver a superior living experience with flair. Get a taste of that community by contacting one of our leasing agents and taking your tour of ROSS’ College Park, MD, apartments today!