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Get Out and Walk in Greenbelt

March 17, 2017
Charlestowne North Apartments View Of The Lake

The American Red Cross encourages people to “lace up their sneakers and take 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk.”

Here are three incredible places you can go for the perfect walk near ROSS’ apartments for rent in Greenbelt:

  1. Schrom Hills Park – This full-service community park offers: exercise trails where Greenbelt residents can take their 30-minute walk to celebrate National Walking Day, pavilions and picnic areas that are available to rent for Greenbelt residents and businesses exclusively, and soccer fields and playgrounds where families can go to play on a warm day.
  2. Greenbelt Park’s Trails – Open to all members of the community from dawn to dusk, Greenbelt Park has four distinct walking trails for you to celebrate National Walking Day. They are: Blueberry Trail (0.8 miles), Dogwood Trail (1.5 miles), Azalea Trail (1.2 miles) and Perimeter Trail (5.3 miles).
  3. Greenbelt Dog Park – This facility is perfect for celebrating National Walking Day with your canine BFF. With its firm guidelines and safe pet environment, Greenbelt residents know that dogs will enjoy the celebration.

Whether you’re with your family, with your dog or with a few friends, there are so many great places here for you to travel. All of which are just a short distance from your conveniently located ROSS apartment in Greenbelt.

It’s time you discover a place to live that will enhance your life–take a tour of one of ROSS’ Greenbelt, MD, apartment communities.