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Bring the Heat, ROSS’ Alexandria Apartments Can Take It!

August 7, 2015

More times than not, August will produce a unique cluster of 24 hours that is crowned as “The Hottest Day of the Year.” Many act accordingly when this day arrives, by spending all 24 hours avoiding the outdoor heat like the plague. However, this day does sneak up on an unfortunate few, trapping them in a pool of their own sweat.

Not this year! This is the year you have a Plan B. This is the year you have a second set of entertaining plans in your back pocket that all involve staying indoors for the majority of these 24 hours.

Here is a list of the Four Best Plan B Options for ROSS’ Alexandria apartments to escape the heat, because whoever said you can’t have fun indoors clearly has never been to Alexandria.

  1. View a performance at The Birchmere – This internationally recognized venue has hosted a slew of outstanding performers, making it one of the most legendary music halls worldwide. When you duck into The Birchmere to escape the heat, you’re sure to find a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that presents the highest quality music.

    This cool paradise is located at 3701 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA.      birch

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  2. Playing laser tag at ShadowLand – “ShadowLand’s unique laser adventures provide fantastic ‘whole group’ activities for area families, youth groups, sports teams and businesses. Strap on a lightweight, high-tech suit and enter the huge multi-level arena for a sensorial effect unlike any other.”

    This cool paradise is located at 5508 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA.

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  3. Working out at ROSS’ fitness center – Rather than going for your daily run outside where the heat and the bugs have formed an alliance against you, get in a rewarding workout at The Heritage at Old Town’s on-site fitness center that offers the comfort of a cool and controlled atmosphere.

    This cool paradise is there for residents of ROSS’ dream apartments for rent in Alexandria, VA.

  4. Enjoy a scrumptious meal at Hank’s Oyster Bar – It’s summertime, which means seafood is a must! Head to a pleasant indoor lunch at Hank’s Oyster Bar, where “patrons enjoy coastal favorites and New England beach fare classics like lobster rolls, daily fish specials and meat ‘n’ two. Lightly fried items such as the popcorn shrimp and calamari and Ipswich clams balance Hank’s ice bar options which consist of a selection of raw oysters, tartar and ceviche.”

    This cool paradise is located at 1026 King Street, Alexandria, VA.

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Ultimately, stay inside a place that’s known to provide not only comfort and ease on this scorching day but the remainder of the 364 days as well: your home. Discover a community that’s a cool paradise year ’round by taking a tour of ROSS’ Alexandria apartments today!