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Bring Some Spring Into Your Life

March 26, 2019

Spring is officially here! Bring more spring into your life with these creative ideas. From brightening up your ROSS affordable apartment to enjoying the warm weather these tips will help leap your family into the season.


Brighten up Your Home

There’s no better way to make your home feel like spring than bringing in nature. Head to your local garden store and pick up a few plants or flowers to put throughout your apartment home. Or even pick a few wildflowers and put them in a nice vase. Coming home to beautiful flowers is sure to make you smile.

Another affordable option to refresh your apartment home is to repaint. Picking a bright or pastel color such as yellow, pink, or purple will give your home a lively new look for the warmer months. Creating an accent wall or repainting your dining room chairs with a new color is quick and easy. (Note: Be sure to get permission from your ROSS property manager before you paint your apartment!)


Get Planting

Growing your own vegetables is fun and makes a rewarding treat at the end! Plant some squash, tomatoes, strawberries, basil, or cilantro as a great activity for the whole family. What’s more spring than watching your plants grow? And once they’re ready, you can use them to make a fresh and delicious meal.

Next, take seasonal renewal to your yard by starting a flower garden. Plant seeds and bulbs and watch the flowers growing. Once they’ve bloomed, bring some flowers inside to brighten your affordable apartment!

If your apartment home does not have an outdoor area, consider getting a small hydroponic indoor garden for small plants and flowers. Window box gardens are also a great alternative to spruce up your space. Finally, finding a community garden nearby is a fantastic option to get involved in your neighborhood too.


Explore Nature

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the great weather! The best part is that most outdoor activities are free and encourage exercise. Find nearby hiking trails and hit the dirt. Or, go for a nature walk and take the kids bird watching. Going on a bike ride, whether it’s around the neighborhood or a local park, is another great way to be active while enjoying a beautiful day.

The U.S. Botanical Garden in DC offers free admission and is just a short trip from your ROSS apartment. Spend the day exploring the various plants and flowers blooming this spring!


There are so many options to bring spring into your life and your affordable apartment without breaking the bank. Get out there and find your own ways to celebrate spring!