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Breakfast Is Served in Alexandria

December 1, 2015

It is commonly known that one of the key steps toward an active-healthy lifestyle is starting each day with a well-balanced meal. We count on breakfast to enliven our bodies, resulting in a fueled and productive day. During weekends, some people choose to combine breakfast and lunch into one meal and call it “brunch.”

Alexandria is well-known as a foodies’ paradise, meaning ROSS’ Alexandria apartments for rent are located in an area where the dining options are just about limitless. To help guide your next brunch decision, here are the top three hot spots to try out.

  • Café Aurora’s menu uniquely features both dishes inspired from the bold flavors of Northeast African origin, particularly from Eritrea, and a top-tier selection of Italian pastries. To complement their unique food options, they also serve the freshest coffees and teas. Plan a brunch at Café Aurora to not only try a scrumptiously new kind of dish but also to relax in their pleasant ambiance, something that is ever so appreciated in the mornings.

    Critic’s Review: “We went for breakfast on a Sunday. Service was fantastic! Because we’re not familiar with the dishes, they took the time to discuss the dishes prior to taking our order. The food was delicious and my cappuccinos were warm and wonderful!” – Jnj G.

    Sneak Peek: The dish below looks like a smorgasbord of heavenly flavors that surely kept Jnj G. fueled for the day!

  • Fontaine Caffe & Crêperie’s charming, French-style café offers each guest a unique and personalized experience; AND strives to deliver to the metropolitan DC area, the Best. Crêpes. EVER! Their number one mission is to “ensure that each and every customer will return, again and again.” Attention, residents of ROSS’ The Heritage of Old Town: put their mission to the test and repeatedly take the 10-minute walk to Fontaine Caffe & Crêperie for the perfect brunch experience.

    Critic’s Review: “Great brunch place. The wait time may take awhile, [but] it’s worth it. I love the ambiance, love that they serve French food, love that I can walk to it. I took my parents and my sister here when they came and visited me at different times!” – Alice W.

    Sneak Peek: Below you will see a sweet mountain of chocolaty crêpe delight, an actual photo taken during Alice’s dining experience!

  • Evening Star’s iconic star symbolizes both its crafted menu that takes a modern spin on southern cooking; and its outstanding staff, delivering the best possible experience in their welcoming atmosphere. We assume all of ROSS’ Alexandria apartment residents will be calling themselves a member of Evening Star’s fiercely loyal crowd, considering how close it is.

    Critic’s Review: “Cute place for a yummy brunch. Had the chicken and waffles which were absolutely delicious and the service was great.” – Erica S.

    Sneak Peek: This classic dish below – ordered by Erica – is something everyone should order for their weekend brunch indulgence.

Take a moment to discover a place that provides you with quick access to some of Alexandria’s most respected chefs, who can’t stop creating award-winning food, by taking a tour of ROSS’ apartments for rent in Alexandria. Every meal will be a constant reminder of how amazing the area you live in truly is.