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Bored Over Break? Explore These Fun East Coast Destinations

January 15, 2019
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Did you know there’s a world beyond your college apartments?

Roll out of your winter blues burrito and slip on your snow coat; it’s time to have some fun! Your winter break shouldn’t exclusively consist of hiding away in your college apartments and binging on Netflix (I know, we wish it could be that way too). Instead, choose one of these awesome destinations and make your winter break something worth talking about.

Indoor Skydiving

Can you imagine falling through the icy winter sky, hurdling towards the ground at 125mph? Neither can we. That’s nuts. But luckily there’s a much safer, much dryer, and much warmer alternative. Indoor skydiving! For a third of the price of a concert ticket, you can experience the eternal human dream of independent flight. Twice. Try it today at iFLY locations in Washington, Richmond, and Norfolk.

Fishing on the James River

If the great outdoors is your natural habitat, consider this unique experience. In most states, the fishing season is well over by January. But in Virginia, you can fish for blue catfish, crappie, bream, and bass of all kinds throughout the winter season. If your fishing trip turns bust, don’t worry. Local seafood spots are serving their own catches, plus fresh-from-the-cold-water oysters.

Winter Sports Galore  

Although Vermont and New Hampshire are two well-known skiing states, there’s a good argument for staying closer to home. Shorten your drive by several hours and support local businesses by visiting the Manssanutten Resort or WISP Resort instead. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and all sorts of cozy indoor activities are available. Grab a few friends and hit the slopes!

The Flying Dog Brewery

For those who prefer a nice meal and a perfectly paired beer over a healthy dose of exercise, the Flying Dog Brewery is the perfect destination. Take an in-depth tour of Flying Dogs’ brewing process, try the newest releases (the tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday), and pick up some Flying Dog swag while you’re there. Are you a beer geek? If so, the offer gets even better. Join Flying Dog University and take elective courses on craft beer chemistry, the sensory aspects of brewing, or exploring veganism through the lens of beer.

National Harbor

The National Harbor is a great spot for exploring budding retail and restaurants. But the main attraction this winter is The Awakening, a 15-foot high cast iron sculpture that’s made all the more striking by cold weather and low tides. Although it was originally installed near the Jefferson Memorial, its move to the National Harbor in 2008 proved advantageous. Now the giant iron man emerges from the sand, grasping for some invisible solace. We challenge you to tap into your inner artist and turn this stark sculpture into a totally post-able pic.

There’s a whole world outside your college apartments that’s just begging to be explored. Text your friends, grab your gear, and start making memories!