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Beyond Backyard Grilling

August 27, 2018
Shot of a group of friends having a barbecue in the yard

Try grilling new ingredients indoors and out at ROSS’ affordable apartments

The sound of sizzling hotdogs and the aroma of lightly charred burgers are the anthem of summertime, just as much as the melody of your local ice cream truck. Nothing says summer like, “Fire up the grill.” So, for all you aficionados who are interested in upping your grill game, we’ve got a few fun ideas.


Visit Your Neighbors

The Overlook affordable apartments have one of the best neighborhood spaces for grilling. So check out Chillum Community Park and get cooking! It’s an awesome way to meet new next door neighbors, and take advantage of that sweet summer air.


Veg Out

Although meat is the traditional food used in grilling, vegetables can be just as savory. Hearty plants like mushrooms and eggplant will provide structure and flavor, as well as the elusive umami factor. In addition, squash, zucchini and other vegetables from the same family will taste fantastic when grilled—but not because of the flavor they bring to the table. Rather, their ability to soak up the flavor of the smoke, the spices and the oils they’re exposed to is what makes them so great for grilling. Pick your flavor profile and get started!


Grilling at Its Best

We couldn’t talk about grilling without talking about steak. Whatever your cut, from a brisket all the way to the tenderloin, grilling serves to make beef mouth-wateringly delicious. The best chefs recommend a cut that’s 1¼ to 1½ inches thick. Season with simple salt, pepper and olive oil for the best flavor. Resist the temptation to pour on heavily sugared sauces. And remember, medium rare is the rule.


Sweet Surprises

Believe it or not, many fruits are sturdy enough for proper grilling. Slightly sour fruits that are cut into large slices work well. Pineapple, peaches and mangos are among the best. To pack extra flavor into grilled fish or chicken, grill slices of a complementary citrus, such as lime or lemon.


The Indoor Grill

If your affordable apartments aren’t near any outdoor grill stations, don’t worry! You can still make the most of these summer recipes. Alternatives to outdoor drilling include using a grill pan (for those crisp, dark lines); using the broil setting on your oven; and opting for smoky ingredients like paprika, poblano pepper and smoked salt for flavoring.


Remember, grilling is also about spontaneity. Experiment with new spices and techniques until you find the cooked meat of your dreams. Looking for a new grill spot? Come tour ROSS’ affordable apartments today.