ROSS Companies Valentine’s Day Deals for Mom and Dad | Laurel MD Apartment
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Fun and Affordable Valentine’s Dates

February 7, 2018

Mom and Dad, you’ll love leaving your Laurel, MD, apartment behind for a night to try these awesome V-Day deals!

You love your Laurel, MD, apartment and you love your kids, of course, but…you won’t be able to resist taking the night off to visit these great spots! There are a few local gems in Laurel like Ananda and Chi’Bal that simply speak to the romantic within us. Whether it’s the delicious food or the elegant atmosphere, they just seem like the right kind of place to spend a day dedicated to lovers.

But, this Valentine’s Day we encourage you to go somewhere a little out of the ordinary. The great deals they’re offering, and the fact that there are fun spots nearby to drop off the kids (think laser tag and obstacle courses), will make them hard to resist.

First up is Ginza of Tokyo. It’s 18 minutes from the nearby Horizon Square Apartments. This Japanese steak house is offering a dinner for two for just $20 through Groupon. And, just 15 minutes away in Columbia, MD, there’s a Sky Zone trampoline park where your kids will be happy to spend hours!

Second, there’s the Great Shoals Winery. This little getaway is a 15-minute drive from ROSS’ Crestleigh apartments in Laurel, MD, which were completely renovated in September of last year. The deal offered by the Great Shoals Winery only runs Monday-Friday, but it’s a true steal. For just $25, you’ll receive a wine, cider and cheese-tasting for two, and two stemmed wine glasses to bring home with you.

Ten minutes up the road is The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring. Although the park is usually only open during daylight hours, they are currently offering a special nighttime experience: “Zip Line Under the Lights.” It’s the perfect place to send high school kids (or middle schoolers accompanied by a responsible adult) if you want the evening to yourself.

Finally, there is yet another fantastic winery offering a great Groupon deal! Olney Winery on Old Baltimore Pike is offering a wine-tasting for two, with two stemless wineglasses included, plus $10 towards any purchase at the winery store. On the same street, just nine and 14 minutes away, respectively, are ClimbZone and XP LaserSport.

With your kids and your Laurel, MD, apartment close at hand, you won’t spend a moment worrying. These Valentine’s Day date ideas are the perfect opportunity to truly enjoy yourself with your partner. See all of ROSS’ Laurel, MD, apartments online or tour your favorite one today!