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Best Restaurants to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Laurel

May 10, 2019

Celebrate the day with delicious dishes close to your Laurel apartment

These restaurants in Laurel are the perfect spots to show your mom how much you care on her day.

Mad Cow Grill

Show your mother some love with Red Velvet Chicken & Waffles from Mad Cow Grill! In addition to serving up American classics, this spot is widely known for their flavorful Caribbean twists. If you’re interested in trying something new, check out their Callaloo saltfish with fried dumplings or Jerk Chicken Flatbread. Are you getting hungry reading this? Get ahead of the line and make a reservation today!


Does your mom love Mexican food? Look no further than Chi’bal. This is the perfect place to celebrate with delicious food and tastes of tequila. A couple dishes to put on your list are the spiced white fish ceviche and crab fondue. While you’re there, be sure to ask the waiter to give you a walkthrough of the history of tequila, and some tequila to taste!

Pasta Plus

If your mother’s favorite food is Italian, then be sure to head over to Pasta Plus! This award-winning family-owned restaurant will likely have the decadent Italian dish you crave. From a wide variety of pastas, meat and vegetarian dishes, and pizza, Pasta Plus has it all covered. Go the extra mile and request a special dessert to be brought out for your mother on her special day!

Trying to satisfy your dinner cravings within minutes? Fortunately, when you live at a ROSS apartment in Laurel, you are a short distance to all these delicious restaurants. Look no further and schedule a tour today!