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Conquering Unfamiliar Territory

August 1, 2016

Similar to the free-weight section of big-brand gyms, grilling stations are filled with meatheads. As if the only possible meals to grill were pounds of marinated protein.

At ROSS’ EOS-21 apartments in Alexandria, we appreciate easy access to fresh local produce from any of our area’s four farmers markets – so much so that meat can’t be the only thing we’re throwing on the grill!

Please even the pickiest of eaters (while maintaining the perfect meat-to-veggie ratio) by preparing one of these three scrumptious recipes tonight at EOS-21’s upgraded barbecue and picnic area.

  1. Grilled Mexican Sweet Corn by Alyssa
    • Corn so full of flavor and body, it will easily anchor any meal.
  2. Grilled Zucchini by Chef Curt
    • Short, simple recipe that adds the perfect side to any entrée.
  3. Grilled Peaches by Janet @ The Taste Space
    • Janet suggests you add the peaches to a salad or serve with banana ice cream. (We recommend the ice cream!)

After pleasing the masses with your supreme grill skills, continue your reign of conquest by touring an exceptional apartment community that offers a tempting menu of the amenities you desire – and deserve. Discover ROSS’ Alexandria apartments for rent by contacting us today!