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Add a Little Certainty Into Your Calendar

February 22, 2016

It goes without saying, that so far, this winter has totally broken the mold.

With record-breaking highs, some days a sweater is all that’s needed to stay comfortable; others require the resident’s of ROSS’ apartments for rent in Laurel to rock the entire winter bundle – heavy coat, gloves, ear warmers, wool hats with antlers, etc.

With all of this uncertainty, it’s nearly impossible to trust the forecast enough to plan an outdoor activity…so it becomes really hard to keep the kids busy…which leaves a lot of pent-up energy for parents to attempt to channel.

Fortunately for the residents of ROSS’ Laurel apartments, there are three terrific indoor activities that will help keep the kids active and entertained during even the coldest winter days.

  1. Laurel Roller Skating Center
    1. Located at 9890 Brewers Court, Laurel, MD, Laurel Roller Skating Center proves to be fun for the entire family with their plethora event including: Family Night, All-Day Skate, Tiny Tot Class, Fun-to-Roll Classes, Open Dance Session and Ladies’ Night Out.
  2. The Gardens Ice House
    1. Ice skating is a classic wintertime activity that often requires a lot of practice and determination. If you and your family find yourselves on the more inexperienced side of ice skating, don’t shy away from spending this winter learning and mastering the correct form! The Gardens Ice House, located at 13800 Old Gunpowder Rd., Laurel, MD, offers a basic skill program that provides inexperienced skaters of all ages the opportunity to learn how to skate like a pro!
  3. AMF Laurel Lanes
    1. Bowling is the perfect pastime for providing friendly competition for those who know that NOTHING is more exhilaratingly glorious than coming out VICTORIOUS! Gather the kids and head to AMF Laurel Lanes at 15013 Baltimore Avenue North, Laurel, MD, for an evening filled with energy, excitement and maaaaybe just a little – uhhh, “friendly” competition.

Whether you enjoy gliding across the floor or an activity on more solid ground, there is one thing we can certainly all agree on: easy accessibility to a variety of activities is best. Finding the best community for enjoying that kind of accessibility to family fun activities is easy. Just take a tour of ROSS’ apartments for rent in Laurel today!