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This Is YOUR Year!

January 21, 2016

Each year, right around this time, people slowly come to the realization that last year’s New Year’s resolution was entirely too ambitious and impossible to accomplish.

With January being the grace period to officially commit – we suggest to the residents of ROSS’ apartments affordable for college students that they make a resolution this a year of truthfulness and earnest promises! To help make this easier than ever in 2016, here are five New Year’s resolutions you will actually be able to keep and the benefits you’ll enjoy by keeping them:

  1. MAKE YOUR BED EVERY MORNING – Making your bed is said to lead to success, productivity, fortune, fame and most importantly, happiness.
  1. DRINK MORE WATER – “It energizes us. Next time you’re feeling zonked, try drinking a couple glasses of water. Feeling tired is one of the first signs of dehydration and filling back up on H2O could zap the sleepiness.”
  1. TALK DURING CLASS – This isn’t referring to a private conversation amongst your friends…rather, participating in classroom discussion. By sitting toward the front, asking questions and actively participating during lectures, students are further engaging in the learning process, and as we can attest, when you fully understand the course it makes it much easier to succeed on tests and graded materials.
  1. COOK MEALS AT HOME – With ROSS’ fully equipped kitchens, cooking healthier meals at home is not only easier than ever, but will also inflate the size of your bank account as a result of you not spending money on takeout.
  1. WORK OUT MORE – College students, especially online college students, have packed schedules. Classes, employment and family or social obligations quickly fill up your calendar. It seems cruel to add another obligation to the list, but here’s one to consider: exercise. Scientific evidence is piling up that shows regular exercise provides important cognitive benefits that could make your scholarly efforts a little less taxing.

Now that we’ve given you some inspiration, it’s time you make the most beneficial New Year’s resolution of all – living in a centrally located apartment that understands and supports your active lifestyle and busy schedule through exceptional service. Luckily, achieving this resolution – and all your others – is easy: simply resolve to take a tour of ROSS’ apartments affordable for college students today.