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You’ll Know Where to Find Us

April 5, 2016

Setting our clocks forward an hour isn’t the only change the springtime brings.

For the residents of ROSS’ apartments in Greenbelt, warm weather serves as an open invitation to enjoy the outdoors, meaning you may notice a few major changes in their demeanor.

While there’s no cause for alarm, you should be looking out for signs of the following symptoms:

Backhand Brilliantitus: A major improvement in one’s tennis game, resulting from constantly fine-tuning their skills on Charlestowne North’s tennis courts.

Conesumption: Almost inevitably contracted at Hershey’s Ice Cream, characterized by huge, indelible smiles on the subjects’ faces. At this time, there is no known cure – and no one seems to be looking for one.

Canine Excitosis: Frequently seen in both two- and four-legged residents enjoying the Greenbelt Dog Park.

Singing Heart Syndrome: Serious signs of falling in love with the active and caring community of Greenbelt have been recorded. In the event you see this happening, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE PATIENT! They’re happy right where they are.

If any of these symptoms last for more than four hours, please call ­­Charlestowne North at 888-418-4718 to schedule your tour immediately.

The leasing teams at ROSS’ apartments for rent in Greenbelt, MD, are here to help.