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All Hopped Up in Silver Spring

March 17, 2017

In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the law that made drinking and selling beer legal in the United States, as long as it was less than 4% ABV. On April 7, the law officially went into effect. Beer lovers across the country were extremely excited to buy the first beer legally after 13 years. People even lined up that day.

Thanks to President Roosevelt, here are the top three places residents of Silver Spring can go to enjoy a nice cold brew:

  1. Denizens Brewing Co. – Just a short walk from the Silver Spring Red Line Metro station is this fresh, local craft brewery. They have nine beers on tap from ales, Belgian styles, IPA’s, stouts, lagers, porters – no matter what your beer preference, you’ll be sure to find something here you’ll love.

    Five Star Reviews: “I’m so happy that it is starting to warm up so I can spend all my evenings outside on Denizens huge patio. I love this place, and I’ve gotten most of my friends in the area obsessed with it as well.” – Jenn B.

  2. Fenwick Beer and Wine – We aren’t talking about Fenwick Island here, we’re talking about a Silver Spring local store that offers over 700 different selections of beer, including craft beer, Belgian, English, German, gluten-free, organic and other beers you wouldn’t normally be able to find. They also offer free beer and wine tastings most Friday afternoons from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. and if you need any more convincing, they’ve been voted the Best Place to Buy Beer in the DC area by City Paper readers two years in a row.

    Five Star Reviews: “Amazing selection of craft beers and ciders. This is the spot to go for everything imaginable from across the globe. The family that runs the shop are very friendly and helpful.” – Stephanie S W.

  3. Elbe’s Beer & Wine – This local classic has been providing the residents of apartments in Montgomery County with a large selection of beer and wine for the past 64 years. Elbe’s offers a large selection from local brewers, imports from around the world, seasonal specials and they’re always searching to expand their fine collection. They even offer a special deal on Wednesdays – customers save 10% on imports and microbrews!

    Five Star Reviews: “I love Elbe’s! They have a great selection of beer and wine, the staff are always very nice and knowledgeable, there is just enough parking to get a space every time, and they are a Wheaton institution.” – Deb G.

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