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A Well-Trained Dog Is The Best Dog

September 14, 2015

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and just like every other friend, they sometimes make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes just happen to occur primarily when you’ve left your adorable pup home alone.

To prevent your dog from forming bad habits that could potentially terrorize your neighbors and make your apartment look like a combat zone, here are the top three things you need to make sure they’ve mastered before you feel confident about leaving them home alone at your ROSS off-base apartment for rent.

  1. Make sure they’re potty-trained – This rule applies to both new and old dogs. When you move into a new apartment, your dog no longer instinctively knows where the bathroom is located, inevitably resulting in a few “accidents” on the floor. Make 100% sure you’ve properly trained your dog to go in the designated bathroom areas in your ROSS’ apartments for military community– dog park, patch of grass, on a pee pad, etc. – BEFORE you decide to leave them home alone.
  2. Train them to be good with foot traffic –If you’re moving from a home or have recently gotten a new dog, they may not be used to unfamiliar people walking by your door. Additionally, when you leave the building you don’t want your dog barking at every neighbor you pass on your way to the dog park. Be sure to train your dog to remain calm when unsuspicious people pass your door, so that while you’re away, your dog isn’t unnecessarily disrupting the neighbors.
  3. Teach them respect for your stuff – This task may sound a little far-fetched for a dog, but if they know exactly what they can chew (bones, treats, play toys, etc.) and what they can’t (furniture, shoes, newspapers, etc.), then you won’t have to worry about coming back to the horror of having your entire apartment shredded.

With these few simple rules, you can make sure your dog leaves its loving paw prints on your heart – and not messy paw prints on your apartment floor.

Take a tour of ROSS’ pet-friendly apartments for military and discover a place where you and your (now) well-trained pooch can share endless hours of happiness, indoors and out.