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A Holiday Happening in Your Seven Springs Apartment

December 18, 2018
Close up shot of holiday festive table with no people. Dining table with plates, wine glasses and candles.

Turn your Seven Springs apartment into the perfect party place with these simple tips.

You’re hosting the holiday party this year, so it’s your turn to impress!  What will you do to transform your Seven Springs apartment into a winter wonderland? Read on to find some creative ideas for what to serve, how to decorate, and how to commemorate your wildly successful soirée.

Cultivating the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are the time to leave your cynicism behind. Throw yourself into the spirit of the season by decorating to the max! Lights, greenery, candles, confetti, and music can all work together to inspire your guests to feel joyful. Encourage comradery by letting guests come early and paint, glitter, or shape a single decoration themselves. By the end of the night, you’ll have a spread that truly encapsulates the thoughts and feelings of those you love.

Snackables and the Main Course

Finger foods are the lifeblood of any successful gathering (although a well-garnished cocktail never hurts). Stock your formal dining room with multiple trays of small bites to get people mingling. If you want the atmosphere to be classic, try a cheese plate with fresh fruit and bread that crackles when you squeeze it (the sign of a perfect loaf, they say). Last but not least, serve up a warm main course to make your guests feel at home. A creamy soup bubbling over the gas range or perfectly-baked chicken will do the trick.

Make the Night Unforgettable

It’s always a good idea to send your guests home with a gift bag or party favor. Not only does it commemorate the treasured time you’ve spent together, but it also encourages them to attend your next gathering! You’ll never have a party with poor attendance again. Try putting your little gifts in bags, boxes, tins, or baskets to keep it classy. And if this holiday is a big one, consider setting up a themed photo booth. People can take pictures on their phones and print them out for a perfect memento.

Your holiday party was everything you hoped and dreamed, and now you’re looking out with satisfaction from the window of your private balcony. Aren’t you glad you live where the views are scenic and the times are good? If you’re not in a ROSS Seven Springs apartment yet, take a tour today and find out what it’s all about.